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Jann Bungcaras

The Life of Jann

Growing up in two islands, Cebu and Southern Leyte Philippines, with polarizing cultures, Jann Bungcaras is no stranger to duality and adaptability - family comes with small town values while school breathes city life.

An interest in Arts was very palpable in his childhood where he learnt how to draw before learning how to walk. This natural talent, however, is overshadowed by his perseverance to make his family proud - and Arts was replaced with the pursuit to achieve academic excellence.

He graduated as the high school valedictorian and was set to become a doctor by his parents, but having wasted all of his childhood studying made him realize that enough is enough and he must somehow pursue design.

Living a double life in college, joggling both Nursing and Fashion Design; Jann seems to have everything together... until his graduating year, when a trauma to his head made him unable to preserve objective memory leading to the death of his parent's dream for him to be a Physician, and the birth of his own dream to focus on design.

To commemorate his past: how his true passion prevailed against the odds, Jann Bungcaras created a sustainable brand that celebrates one's true self and true feelings regardless of the binds of gender through the narrations of his designs while being kind to nature.

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