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Wanderings of a Child Prince

In 2016, trauma to my head prevented me from retaining objective memory, which means I can no longer be the doctor or lawyer my Filipino family sought. During that moment, I felt my childhood self-knocking... and I related to the tangible metaphor of the Little Prince as he was the manifestation of the aviator's childhood, showing in the moment of dismay. Driven by the narration and the illustrations of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s classic, the collection emits childlikeness and the innocence of our childhood dreams. The silhouettes of the looks are inspired by the 1940s aviation uniforms combined with the laughter and innocence taken from the story and the book's characters. To commemorate the look of the prince we also included silhouettes taken from royalty (Mesopotamian, medieval and modern.)

Photographed by Gerald Gloton

Assisted by Jericho Mojares

Styled by Jae Nelle Rabe

Hair & Make-up by Renz Guevarra

Assisted by Gerald Dimalanta

Muses: Justin Aniceto, Cathleen "Tiamsey" Tiamson, Kenneth Marcelino, Nate & Drew Venzon

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