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Aviator Cropped Jacket in Pineapple Fiber

Aviator Cropped Jacket in Pineapple Fiber

SKU: JBWCP-L1Aviator-T-CrpJckt1

The Aviator Cropped Jacket is patterned similar to the 1940s aviator jacket but cut to the waist. It has two cargo pockets in the front and one big one at the back. It has a hidden button placket and a tailored collar. 


First User Custom Price: 10,000

Rent Price: 1,500

Jann Bungcaras Discounts are Applicable.

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  • Materials

    • Pineapple or Banana Fibres
    • Old Stock Resin Buttons
  • Production

    • Handpressing
    • Mechanical Machine Sewing
    • Hand-sewing
  • Measurements for Sizing:

    1. Shoulder Length
    2. Shoulders
    3. Comfortable Neckhole
    4. Comfortable Armhole
    5. Biceps Circumference
    6. Sleeve Length
    7. Comfortable Cuff Circumference
    8. Bustline
    9. Waistline
    10. Hipline
    11. Desired Cropped Length

    Advanced Measurements:

    1. FWL
    2. Front Figure
    3. Front Chest
    4. BWL
    5. Back Figure
    6. Back Chest
    7. Bust Point
    8. Bust Distance
  • Sustainability

    • The main material of this Custom is Either Banana or Pineapple Fibre which means it is 100% Compostable.
    • The material is already Water-treated which means it can now be handwashed.
    • We used Mechanical Sewing Machines to Sew the Garment together for less electrical consumption.
    • The Buttons and Tags are Handsewn.
  • Caring Instructions

    • Handwash Only
    • Do not Steam
    • Iron Low when Damped
    • Store by Hanging
  • Applicable Discounts

    10% Textile-Waste Donation Discount

    - send us at least one pound of clean textile waste (old clothes, linens and fabric) to qualify for this discount

    10% Sustainable Practice Discount

    - tag @jannbungcaras in a story or post you uploaded of you doing sustainable practices to qualify for this discount. 

    10% Jannstan Discount

    - follow @jannbungcaras on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook; and share and tag us in your stories or postpositively about us to qualify for this discount.

    1% Direct Transaction Discount

    - transact directly to us by sending us payment through Gcash or Bank Transfer.

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