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Aviator High-waisted Shorts with Staghorn Embellishments.

Aviator High-waisted Shorts with Staghorn Embellishments.


Aviator Highwaisted Shorts with Staghorn Knits Along the Sides – the Staghorn knits have thorns to represent the Rose.

Can be made with the same materials and design.

  • Materials

    • End-of-Roll Wool Fleece Textile Waste
    • Old Stock Polyester Yarn.
  • Measurements for Sizing:

    Custom Sizing Please include all the following Measurements:

    1. Waistline
    2. Inseam
    3. Crotch
    4.  Hipline
    5. Desired Length
    6. Thighs
  • Production Process

    • Mechanical Machine Sewing
    • Hand Knitting 
    • Hand Sewing
  • Prices

    • Retail Price: 15000 Php or 300 $US
    • Wholesale Price (Minimum of 5):  6000 Php or 120 $US
    • Rent: 1500 Php
  • Sustainability

    • The Grey End-of-Roll Wool Fleece was Purchased from a Make-shift Cargo-shop of Discarded Fabric Coming from Singapore in Bislig, Mindanao.
    • The Aviator Pants are sewn by a Mechanical Machine; therefore less Electric Consumption.
    • The Yarn used for the Staghorn Knits are Old-stock 
    • The Staghorn Knits are Handmade and Handsewed.
  • Caring Instructions

    • Can be hand-washed and Machine-washed in a Gentle Setting with Similar Colours.
    • Do not Iron.
    • Steam only.
    • Store folded.
  • Applicable Discounts

    10% Textile-Waste Donation Discount

    - send us at least one pound of clean textile waste (old clothes, linens and fabric) to qualify for this discount

    10% Sustainable Practice Discount

    - tag @jannbungcaras in a story or post you uploaded of you doing sustainable practices to qualify for this discount.

    10% Jannstan Discount

    - follow @jannbungcaras on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook; and share and tag us in your stories or postpositively about us to qualify for this discount.

  • Garment Update

    Available for Rent

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